Catiovital lifting

Catiovital Lifting

With catiovital lifting, you can maintain a youthful appearance no matter what your age is. The treatment helps stimulate the muscles in your face in order to boost their activity and overall lift your face. It’s like an instant lifting treatment for your face!

What is Catiovital Lifting?

As we get older, we typically use our facial muscles less which can result in sagging and dull looking skin. Catiovital lifting is an exclusive treatment at Lasting Impressions Laser that focuses on rejuvenating your face. This method of lifting will build muscle tone in the face which results in a lift appearance. Maintain a youthful appearance regardless of how old you are with catiovital lifting!

Catio Lift
Catiovital lifting
Catio Lift

Mary Cohr

We have partnered with one of the leading brands in beauty and skincare to bring you catiovital lifting. Mary Cohr is continuously taking part in cutting-edge research to enhance the catiovital lifting treatment. Our beauty therapists get to indulge in the knowledge that this research brings. We are excited to offer this treatment to help lift the face with almost immediate results for our clients thanks to the help of Mary Cohr. Learn more about the Mary Cohr brand here.

Mary Kohr

Improve Your Facial Muscles With a Catiovital Treatment


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